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Ready to take your dental business to the next level? Your search ends with Dental Space One! Our comprehensive solution is designed to manage all aspects of your operations: from productivity and order management to secure file storage and standardization of production processes. Increase your profits and automate your business with Dental Space One.

Order Processing

Enable your customers to place orders in an intuitive way with a dedicated space for communication and file exchange within the order context.

Flexible Prices

We understand pricing dynamics in business and provide tools to help you offer the best price to your customers. Create individual price lists for your clients with Dental Space One.

Data Storage

Dental Space One securely stores the financial and operational information of your laboratory in a reliable vault, ensuring that your data remains yours alone. The system undergoes the HIPAA certification process.


Transparent and automated payroll process for your staff. Technicians will have the ability to monitor their wages in their personal accounts.

Client Billing

Our goal is to make your business even more profitable! To achieve this, we've developed a modern calculation system. Accounts receivable are always available for review, and your clients have a convenient way to make online payments.


Dental Space One is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about the current state of your business, its profitability, and efficiency. Make informed decisions by having a thorough grasp of the information!

On Every Device

You no longer need to be physically present in the laboratory. Our system is built on modern web technologies, accessible from your computer, tablet, and mobile phone without the need for installation.


Even the simplest system requires user guidance. We document all the features of Dental Space One so that you and your staff can familiarize yourselves and start using the system as quickly as possible.


Our support team is always available, ready to assist you in resolving any issue and proactively inform you about innovations in Dental Space One.


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Our prices are transparent and flexible to help your business grow with us


$3 per order

  • Dentists' access to the system
  • Production automation
  • Order file storage
  • Flexible pricing settings
  • Reporting
  • Monthly payment


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  • Everyting from Start plan
  • For laboratories with high order volume
  • Annual plan, discounts based on order quantity
  • Contract
  • Staff training
  • Custom domain

About Us

Viorel and Paul embarked on our dental laboratory venture in 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world changed around us, we were faced with unprecedented challenges that demanded innovation to survive and thrive. Adapting quickly, we transitioned to remote operations, leveraging technology to revolutionize our workflow.
Driven by feedback from our growing clientele, we continuously refined our software. Dentists appreciated the convenience of placing and tracking orders from any device and enabled us to share our product with other laboratories around the world.

Viorel Marko

Viorel Marko

Founder, COO

Paul Chubatyy

Paul Chubatyy


Heorhii Zlei

Heorhii Zlei

Customer Success Manager

Anastasiia Cheban

Anastasiia Cheban


Next-generation CRM, Ecommerce, and ERP system for dental laboratories, helping enhance productivity, optimize manufacturing processes, deliver excellent customer service, and increase profits.